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Quick JP update

Sophie David, who has JP, has text me with an update. She’s planning on skipping Beginner Novice with him and jump strait to Novice. He’s apparently SO bored. EXCITING! She’s wants to school another XC round of Novice/ Training fences before she makes a decision. Ya’ll, that’s HUGE. I tap out at Training level. I knew this horse was willing/talented (*Cough* for sale *cough*), and would move up the levels FAST (Part of the reason I didn’t push him his 3/4 y/o year) But he continues to impress me.

Also this makes me want to go school SO BAD. Lord, Earth Mother, Flying Spaghetti Monster, Deity of choice, Please let me recover quickly. I have <nesting/hormone/boredom induced> plans!

JP Schooling BN @ Poplar Place Farm