BBQ Shrimp

Sweet Shrimp. He’s a 7 y/o Unregistered, unraced TB type gelding. I LOVE this horse. He give me so much confidence, even in his greenness. Because he tries. At a chunky 15.3h, Shrimp can easily take up the leg of a rider who typically needs a taller animal. Stables great, travels great. the same horse on & off property. Actually, he may be better off to be totally honest.

Shrimp has been fox hunting with Midland Fox Hounds since the beginning of the season. While he doesn’t LOVE the entire pack under him, he’s been a great sport about everything. He’s starting to jump coops and other obstacles in the hunt field, and it’s like riding an old pro.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have lessons with Mary Bess Davis, who commented on how quickly he progressed between lesson one and two. And also Ann Hardaway Taylor whos comments were; “What a sweet horse” “He has a big stride for a little guy” and “This is great for 4 months off the polo field. In another 6 he’ll really be something” Unfortunately, unless someone wants to make an investment, I don’t have 6 more months with this horse. 

Shrimp has GREAT bone, holds shoes well and grows an even foot. No know injuries or illnesses and is a pleasure in the barn and to travel with.

Asking 9.5K for a clean sale

Special pricing for an investor. I think an investor could easily make their money back within 9 months and even stand to gain a profit.


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