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Update: Health and horses.

This pregnancy thing….. I’m still miraculously lucky to be having an easy time of it. However, I’ve gained 22Lbs and , according to my bloodsugar test, I’m in a wee bit of trouble with my doctor. Horses have been distributed, I’m pretty much done riding, I and baby shower invitations just went out. Shit is getting real, yo.

Seriously, i’m in good health. I started taking a prenatal yoga class at the Up!Factory. I like yoga. I always did better in a group fitness class, and I just always like the people in yoga + I get a killer workout. We talk about a lot of things in my prenatal class such as pain management, and being conscious of the muscles in your tummy and breathing with FULL breaths. Stuff like that. The teacher is also a doula, which is similar to a midwife. So she knows what she’s talking about, as opposed to being a crunchy lady with a lot of google.The moms in the group are all different; different backgrounds, different living situations, different pregnancies and different ideas about how they want their labor to go. And while there’s definitely a push for “natural” I don’t feel judged when I say (Loudly) “I want ALL THE DRUGS”. So ya, good group. As for the blood sugar, I think I messed up my test. I eat more healthy than MANY Americans, & I’m still reasonably active. Isn’t that the recipe for NOT having high blood-sugar? Guess not. I have a Dr. apt Monday to get me sorted out.

Why the hell do I have horses? (I told you I’d get to this point) They’re SO expensive and it’s ALWAYS something. Let me sum up the past few weeks: My super nice, 22 year old fox hunter quickly and mysteriously died. He was “meh” for a couple days, not looking serious, then died in the trailer on the way to Auburn University. I’d just come back from a horse show with a miserable “working” student. I was a wreck, and will be again if I keep on. Maybe in another blog post, but you knowing that is here for a point of reference, not a remembrance. A month, 6 weeks later, my AQHA gelding is acting weird. I’m NOT going through that again. Off to Auburn we go. Diagnosed as pneumonia from choke. He had NOT choked recently, but they found some stuff, so whatever. Maybe it was mild and I missed it (Doubtful). They recommend he stay for 2-3 nights because he may crash. Really?! He got off the trailer alert and looking around? But stay he did. While Oscar was at Auburn, Dragon started in with the same crud. WHAT in the fucking fuck. Dragon goes to Auburn. Pneumonia, but no choke symptoms (duh)  They want to keep him, but no. He’s big, useless, and expensive enough (especially for being useless) give me whatever meds and he’ll have to be tough. So, dragon comes home, and Oscar comes home a couple days early (he was there for 3, they wanted to keep him 2-3 more)  against vet recommendations. My wallet. Cannot. Handle it. Both are on antibiotics 3x a day for 10 days. Fun times! I should mention I DO NOT love on the farm. This is a 20 min drive each way. These two jokers are now fine, and despite coming off their antibiotics looking like rescue horses (one of the side effects to one of the antibiotics is anorexia). They’re on winter rations and are no longer an embarrassment to take places. Not that we go anywhere.

Onto my business: We all know my business is primarily the training of as well as buying/selling of horses + i teach a few lessons. The not riding, and not providing therapy to emotionally damaged horses really cuts into this. I am in a good place to clean hose though. Only one horse is deemed a little silly to ride, through no fault of his own. And not that he’s done anything to earn that stigma. However, he’s a 5 y/0 16.2h TB. Even something playful could be dangerous for me in in my current condition. He’s at a friend’s to continue his training. She’s as goo goo over him as I am. Bloody nice horse. The others are all over at Unbridled Faith. Kamilla the $100 Arabian is going to be running Novice in the fall, Hot Mama the OTTB/xpolo pony/surprise brood mare is loved daily by a 10 y/o girl, and Dotti just went over for a beginning, but ambitions 12 y/o. Self pat on the back for finding good matches to get them worked and off the feed/farrier bill. Buying would be better, but this is OK too. I’ve made future (Fall & Spring, respectively) for these ladies too. I think it’s part of my nesting to want everything, including the horses, in their place. Admittedly it’s making my ambition for getting back in the saddle a little high, but well see. Maybe my luck with having an easy time will continue.

My view from Dotti on Hound walk last week. 


On February 6, 2016 I realized I’m not Fat; I’m pregnant

No one, and I mean NO ONE was more surprised than I. YEARS of being off “the pill” and a lady who is comfortable with her sexuality, I’ve managed to keep this little life changing event at bay. But, married a year, and BAM, there you go.

I’ll be VERY honest: I NEVER wanted children. Have no pre-thought of names at my disposal. No thoughts on a nursery and the pony I bought a couple years ago was for me. All that said, I’ve done a fair bit of reading about child rearing over the years. From debates on breastfeeding (You should do that if you can. If you can’t, for whatever reason, you are no less a woman and we’re grateful we live in a time that there are alternate options to keep you and baby healthy) to allowing children to swear (GREAT article), but it was more of a behavior studies interest than a maternal one. I also read about the mating habits of ducks (VERY rapey and they have a cork-screw shaped penis) and genetics of breeding show lines v. working lines in dogs to politics (what’s going on really this year. people confuse me so much). None of that meant I wanted to be a Ornithologist, AKC spokesperson/denouncer or run for office any more than I wanted to be a mother. That is to say, NO thank you to all of the above.

But here we are. And while I’m rabidly pro-choice, it’s just that. A choice. Talking with my husband we decided to make the choice to take the plunge into parenthood. Talk about a life style change. Well, maybe not so much. Not yet anyway. I have been unnaturally lucky to have been ill ONE day, which I think was more due to bad chinese .My energy is good. There are honestly days I forget I’m pregnant.

Right now, I still have 9 horses and 4 lesson students in my care. I did a horse trial at the end of march with a great little sale pony and we improved from our September performance. Yes, I’m still riding. No, I don’t plan on stopping until I have to. I am, however, taking a couple precautions: No more showing over fences and the 5 y/0 OTTB is going to a friend’s farm for her to compete and bring along. He’s honestly one of the sanest, safest tings I’ve ever sat on, but I can’t bring him along like I should and I certainly can’t campaign him if I’m not jumping. Other than that, I’m still teaching with the ponies. I’m still doing flat work with everyone and rehabbing my AQHA & Selle Francais-x AWB geldings (does anyone want a sweet gelding? well trained, needs rehab. 2 available). As time goes by this will slow down I’m sure. I hear getting on/off gets challenging. I hear my balance will change, which I’m sure will get scary. When that time comes, I have great students  that can ride some stuff,and my seasoned stock I’m sure will enjoy the break. When that time comes I’ll take a break from riding. I’ll be sad. I’ll still have to waddle around and feed, but not ride which will make me question why I have these money/time pits. But I will bounce back. I will ride again. I will take a baby to the barn, or leave him with my mother who lives up the road. I will do yoga. I will teach my students and hopefully they will ride well enough to keep my guys going. I will do some hunt lunches and lust after chasing hounds until I can get my feet back in the saddle.