Month: May 2019

35 and one half is totally my jam

Things I’ve done for the first time at 35

This literally all happened this week:

  • Went to my first protest march. It was to oppose the forced birth bill signed by Gov. Kemp in May. #DoBetterGA organized it. I reconnected with a Highschool friend. It was downright moving to be part of something so big
  • Restarted Yoga in a serious way. I am so WEAK. It’s astounding considering how much I think I do. This was an allignment class. I thought I was going to die in the first 15 min, but we were just quickly getting our muscles warmed up. I am pitiful, but the class was great
  • Made cabonara. It’s a bit flavorless and scrambled egg with fancy French cheese instead of parmesan, and deli ham instead of bacon. But not bad & definitely etable for literally figuring out what to make for dinner and using only stuff in the house
  • Holy shit I’m writing something.