Horse showing with a (human)baby

I’ve started showing again. Dotti, this wonderful, talented, forgiving sale horse has taken me to two postpartum shows his month. It’s like riding in a snowsuit. I’m 30Lbs heavier & floppy & I cant really FEEL. I catch myself moving or generally being in the wrong place, and I over compensate. It’s REAL fun.

What IS fun is my hubby and new little one coming to cheer me on. They stand on the hill behind the judge at Chatt Hills and I can hear Husband saying,”Look at Mom! Cheer for Mom! Go Mom!” Same with Poplar Place Farm, except this time they’re behind A instead of C. I’ve gotten the best two dressage scores to date on this particular pony.

My point is that showing with an infant is doable and really is fun. And adorable. It helps that Poplar is 30 min form my and my husband’s house. Chatt is more like an hour and a half, so that takes a little more planning, but is still totally doable. I feed the baby, and head out, whatever time that is. Husband meets me a few hours later with the nugget. In the mean time, I feed the beasts, travel, get set up and probably pump. Can’t have my supply dipping! Every three hours I attach myself to this wheezing, sucking machine for 10 min and get some screen time. Stupid Facebook game (juice jam etc.) or check/post to facebook/ Instagram/Twitter (you guys would not like me on twitter). It’s SO hard to put everything down and turn off my brain for the 30 min it takes to set up, pump and put it all away. It takes some more planning too. Too late and I don’t have time to warm up, too soon and they’re full again by the time I get in the ring. Which is painful. But it’s a thing and it’s my life and it lets me do this horse thing I love so much. And it lets me spend the day with my loving, supportive husband and new baby. It’s a perfect, exhausting weekend. No matter how my scores end up.

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