December birthdays and resolutions

Another thing to hate about a December birthday. I firmly believe a year n someones life is more important that the earth’s trip around the sun.Everyone is on a personal journey & therefore it one should make “resolutions” saying, ” when I’m 33 I will…” as apposed to “in 2017 i will…” It’s so much more personal to start it on YOUR day. That’s how I see it anyhow. However, when you have a December birthday, it’s hard to sick to this way of thinking. If my resolution is to start getting up a 5 AM (which one of mine is, actually) , then  go to CA for a week. to visit in-laws. I can’t very well get up at 5 AM here. I haven’t done it long enough to be in a routine about it yet, then the time change, + then  what do I do? at home I Pump, catch up on emails, start breakfast, put away dishes, then it’s usually about 7 & time to wake up the baby & the rest of the house. Here… Well, let’s get into the excuses. Some of which are valid.

  • The baby’s not sleeping because we’re in a new place. +We’re having to co-sleep (I’m so against this But,  grandma got him a rocker to sleep in. this doesn’t work AT ALL for m tummy sleeping little boy) So I’ve been basically  cat napping through the night because I’m terrified I’m going to smoosh the baby. I’m staying i that bed as long as possible.
  • WTF am I supposed to do for 3 hours? no dishes to put away. I don’t want to wake anyone up, so making breakfast is out. It would be cold by the time the household got up anyway.
  • Working out (another resolution) is also out. no tennis shoes.
  • The baby won’t sleep.

Anyway, you get the idea. Also eating healthy, a third resolution, really, at the holidays, at my mother in laws house? I don’t think so.She buys margarine for Pete sake. do you understand how long it’s been since I’ve had margerine? eew. Says the girl who downed a Starbucks frappachino like it was her job this evening.

SO when I get back, there’s a instagram quote: discipline

Cheesy and basic AF, I know. But for real. this is true about much, much more than just fitness.

My final resolution is to attempt to be done, or at the very least wrapping up, by 4PM EVERY DAY. It’s insane that I get up at 7 and get home at 9. I know I’m running my own business and working in the office, but really. If I can’t be at least wrapping up and on my way home by 4, I’ve planned too much. I thing I have a VERY bad habit of doing. I’m hoping limiting my time will force me to plan better & leave me energy to plan for the next day because I’m not so tired I simply fall into bed.

This much-needed vacation, although making it difficult to start these resolutions, has given me the space to think of them and what I need to do to achieve them. Vacations are good. especially when you think you’re too busy to take one.

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