Month: November 2016

OMG I’m writing!

Holy Hell. It’s been an age since I’ve written. Between the new baby, trying to keep up with the house (more on that in a min), the horses, my husband. Just wow.

In late September, I gave birth to a 7Lb 11 oz baby boy. He’s perfect. I haven’t done the first thing for his baby book, but I’ve taken a million pictures. It’s crazy

This house. Jesus Christ this house. I’m not sure what my husband does all day. other than make a mess.

OK I finally get the house to myself and I can’t even concentrate enough to write. I want to either register horses for shows, create adds for the horses I have (this is a sale barn) or go the fuck to bed.  I think I’ll do the latter. Here’s a picture of a baby and of JP Oct 29 at Chatt to hold you over.