Dressage Scribe – Less intimidating than you think

     Whenever I ask people if they’ll scribe, I get the same answer. “But I don’t know how”. This is usually followed by “What If I mess up someone’s test” or “What if I can’t understand the judge” or “no one can read my writing”. It’s crazy that what I DON’T hear is “Yes! Please let me sit with a very well qualified person who will dictate, movement for movement, what I should be working towards in my own dressage test” Many people pay to audit clinics, and now here we are BEGGING you to do it for the super value of 2-6 hours of your time. AND WE”LL GIVE YOU LUNCH AND VOUCHERS. What a deal!
Of all the reasons above, the last one is the silliest. Have you looked at your dressage tests lately? No one can read anyone’s handwriting. So as it stands, either the rider/trainer will be reading your chicken scratch or someone else’s. Plus you, as ascribe, don’t sign the tests, so you’re embarrassingly terrible handwriting is completely anonymous. As for not understanding the judge, we don’t import them from Germany, the Bahamas, France, and only rarely form Canada (Where they speak English, btw) If you have ears and all the little bones made for hearing, you should really be just fine.
As far as messing up someone’s test, you won’t. Not irreparably anyway. How do I know, because I’ve scribed a lot. Even if you do miss a box (which happens occasionally), the judges are VERY good at remembering their scores. It’s actually really impressive. Take a deep breath and remember you WILL NOT be able to write down EVERYTHING a judge says about a movement, unless it’s “ditto” marks obviously. If the judge says 6 things about a movement, it’s perfectly fine to write three of them if that’s all you have time (or more likely room) for. Or even two if you really need to. The score itself is the important part, the rest is to aid in the training for the rider and horse.
Lets wrap this up by talking about what a deal it is that you GET to scribe! To audit a clinic can run anywhere from $20-$100 (It may go higher, but that’s my experience) When you scribe, you are doing EXACTLY that at no cost to you. Actually opposite. We’re “paying” you to be there and learn by way of Lunch, vouchers, and now, an entry into this neat raffle we have. Why are ya’ll not fighting over this position?

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