Olympic Thoughts

I pretty much have a running commentary in my head (Or out loud depending on company and intensity of the comment) I’m just going to compile them here. Unfortunately, I missed didn’t have wifi access for most of the eventing. Then I was so excited to have it, I didn’t get on the computer to voice my opinions, which would have been ,generally, “YAY! YAY! FINALLY! YES! MORE LEG! WELL DONE! OOH! YAY!”

Me explaining to family that Grand Prix Dressage is today: Horse dancing again, but these are the specialists, so it’s more difficult than the horse dancing from the eventers. *Slightly less puzzled faces from family*

Husband on Dressage horses v. eventers during jog up: Is there a different division for pregnant horses? Me: No (Where is this going?) Husband: Oh because these are all really fat.

On the 2nd rider (Italian): What is she doing with her reins? The curb is where you’d expect the snaffle to be, and the snaffle  is UNDER the pinky. I was taught snaffle goes where the snaffle goes, and the curb goes between the ring and middle fingers. Classical vs modern methods maybe?

3rd rider: Ooh that horse wings out a lot in front. That’s a NICE half pass! He’s doing the same weird thing with his reins. Maybe it’s my TB love or starting my horse love in hunters, but there are a LOT of knees going on.

General observation: Riders have all been internationally ranked (which I’m not) below 170, 240, 400, etc. How many horses are in this competition? You’s think if it were, say, 100, everyone would be in the top 200. Unless they just didn’t go. In which case I don’t blame them.

I lost count, but grey Brazil horse near the beginning: Look at that crest! His reins are not weird. That leg on the other hand… eee.

GB bay DiNero horse: I like the animation on this one.

And that’s all for horse dancing for today as it’s the last day of my vacation & I’m going to the old port.



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