Tired for good reason, finally.

Just like old times! My ankles and knees were (thanks to Ellie’s recipe) killing me and I’m so exhausted that  couldn’t fathom writing last night. It was a good feeling. One I’ve missed. When you’re exhausted regularly from growing a human and fighting with your (very much trying to deal with my crazy, and is being as successful as anyone can hope) husband about things like socks, you really miss being tired from just DOING all day. Ya, today I’m sore, but so worth it.

I met the fence contractor yesterday. My landowner has (Finally!) decided we need a fence. JOY!!!!! Yes this is a real thing. It’s a GREAT piece pr property. 20 years ago when it was purchased, he  cleared 7 acres, pulled stumps, leveled it out, built a land bridge over the creek so the whole thing was connected. It looks as nice as many polo bottoms I’ve seen.

Cracker and
Stacy and Cracker Jack the Haflinger. 

The first 10 years he had this land, he had 3 Belgians and a Haflinger that lived out there. There was also NO fence. Not a rope, not a wire, nothing. Everything was SO wooded all around it, why would they leave? The grass is good, and they got unlimited hay and were fed grain a few days a week. About 7 years ago, I started keeping my light horses (who don’t mind walking nearly as much. especially if there’s a feed plot a a mile away) out there, and rope braided with wire was placed. 2 years ago, I decided to do horses full time and there ended up being A LOT more horses out there. More TB’s and a couple Arabians. These sure didn’t mind traveling, especially with company and we’ve gone back to reinforce and put another electric box on the far end. But a real fence. I DREAM of a real fence. A fence a limb can fall on and not knock out my whole thing. A fence that will contain renegade Marco (as in Polo). A fence built by a contractor.


Buddy, who owns part of the property, came to me the other day and said a fence might be a good idea and he’s in a good place to make an investment. So I, 30 weeks pregnant, meet the contractor at Chattahoochee Fence Co out at the land. We takes out his little wheel, and off we walk. 3 acre paddock by the cabin, and 15ish acre paddock where the horses currently live. That’s A LOT of walking. Over terrain. I was a CHAMP! GO me! The contractor (From Maine, ya’ll. Based on that alone I see no reason to get other estimates) said he’d email me Monday with a quote and his guys would be there *2 MONTHS* if he gets the job. I was thinking 2 weeks. Jeez Louise. no wonder we haven’t done this earlier. Let me say now, I’m NOT walking that fence line again to compare rates. It was exhausting.

All that was done by 11AM. Go me. Horses fed, the whole shabang. Woo! Now to get the trailer, clean the trailer, clean the mats, put the mats back in, pick up cracker, drop him @ my folks, come back to town, pick up payroll for Edwards Electric (I can’t survive on horses alone.), pick up amazing shrimp taco’s for lunch, Eat in 15 min, Go back to pick up cracker,
pick up Kamilla from a nearby farm, take them IMG_20160722_180219to Poplar, give a lesson on Cracker, do some Social media for Poplar Place Farm Volunteers ( This is the best turn out for volunteers at a schooling show in a WHILE. Go me!), bring cracker back to the land, drop the trailer back at mom’s, finally think about eating (it’s 9:45), become elated that Zaxby’s is open until 11, get in the drive through at 10:00, get food from the window at 10:22 (yea really), some home, eat 1/3 of my GIANT salad, pass out. JUST LIKE OLD TIMES! Are you tired reading that? Now remember I’m 30 weeks pregnant and it’s 96 degrees with 85% humidity. And I’m 30 weeks pregnant. Yes I wrote it twice. I didn’t want you to forget.

Today was slightly less eventful, but I’m still tired and want my bed and literally 4 pillows. 3 of which are couch throw pillows which are the PERFECT thickness under my belly & wedged behind my back.  It’s a little cradle of bliss.


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