On January 30, 2016, I realized I am fat

I say this not to fat shame. Girl (or Boy) if you feel good, than rock it sister (brother). This is also not to say “I’m beautiful in spite of/because I’m fat”, which I understand is a thing now. I say this because I look at this picture, and see pretty much the equivalent of a teen aged pony who likes too much grass and gets “opinionated” when she doesn’t get it. This horse is not an athlete. Suitable for lessons, some showing. maybe can pull out some piece of it’s old abilities on a good day, but not an athlete. My horses are athletes, I owe it to them to be closer to the part than I currently am.

So I had a little cry, and decided I ACTUALLY needed to get myself together. I ENJOY eating good food. The problem is I enjoy eating ALL food. Fruits and veggies? Sure. But also a greasy cheeseburger, loaded twice baked potatoes, taco’s, sushi, and much much more. My only saving grace is I’m not a soda or sweets person. Unless it’s a cookie. Or ice cream.

Another positive is that I cook REALLY well. This too is a double edged sword. I can roast carrots as easily as make home made alfredo sauce (1 wedge Parmesan cheese, one pint cream, one stick of butter. Done) Which feeds 6’4″ gym rat husband better, do you think? This is an excuse. I know it is. And one I’ve been using for almost 3 years now. I need a grazing muzzle.

Yesterday we started back on Whole30. Sort of. We’ve done it before and felt great at the end, but even then we made some of our own rules from the beginning. 1) a week before we will stop buying anything NOT approved. However, if it’s in the fridge when we start, we’re not about to waste food. I’m a horse trainer and he’s a full time college student. Quite frankly we can’t afford to be throwing away food. 2) If I bake bread, we can have it. I know. I know. That goes against everything. But when I say “bake bread” I mean I buy whole kernels of wheat and grind them. I guess what we’re actually saying is no commercial flour* or flour products. 3)Dairy on Whole30 is out. We decided to allow raw milk with ours.

Today I’m also walking. (My brain thinks, “Like you don’t walk enough at the farm Lady”) but obviously I do not. We’ll see how this goes.

*I highly recommend this to everyone. Look at a bag of flour, even “whole wheat” flour,  in the grocery store. There are at LEAST 12 ingredients. That’s because in the process of making light, fluffy flour commercial factories separate the bran from the germ. the germ has pretty much no nutritional value, but it’s light and fluffy. That’s the part we get at the store (livestock gets the bran). The factories re-add 7 vitamins and minerals that were initially stripped away (Wheat before the process has something close to 30). Even “whole wheat” has only limited amounts of bran added back in. No I can’t make light fluffy French bread with ONLY my grain, but I can use over 1/2 what the recipe calls for, and that’s a ton more nutrition than I’d otherwise get.

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